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Wheat and Cross Pysanka bright bold Easter Egg symbol of Spring


Pysanka with Wheat and Cross bold and beautiful keepsake for Easter. Pysanka is a Ukrainian egg, decorated with traditional folk designs using a wax-resist method. I make them, check out my online gallery, all pysanky I made myself

Bright and bold Pysanka with wheat and floral stylized cross in the shape of red flower. This egg is the same on both sides, done on real chicken eggshell and has patterns that symbolizes Christ and Harvest, abundance of food, and healthy crop.  I make these beauties and have them for sale in my web shop.   Egg Holders in this section.  https://ukrainianeastereggs.store/product-category/ukrainian-easter-eggs-for-sale/pysanky-eggs-displays-stands/

this egg comes with

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