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Pysanky Baby Reveal and Pregnancy Announcement are super popular. Let me make that special Easter egg for your occasion. Knowing how special that day is and how I can get your order ready in a few days, I understand the anticipation and urgency around that special occasion. To buy this egg click on the image or link. Easter Baby Reveal Pregnancy announcement Pysanka Egg

About Pysanky traditional designs and patterns. Pysanky Baby Announcement Pregnancy Reveal Custom Orders Welcome
Pysanky Baby Announcement Pregnancy Reveal Custom Orders Welcome

Pysanky Ornaments Designs & Patterns

Hanging Pysanky is a very traditional way to display them. Pysanky can be turned into ornaments and hung on the Christmas tree or Easter centerpiece. Simply select this option at the check-out and I will attach a golden finding to the top of the egg. If you like to do it yourself I have Pysanky Supplies findings just for that.

Simple Pysanky Pattern hanging ornaments batik art eggs, real Ukrainian Easter eggs on chicken eggshell handmade
Pysanky Egg ornaments simple design patterns Ukrainian Easter Eggs
Ostrich Pysanky Display Stand designs
Ostrich Pysanky Display Stand designs

Pysanky Display Stands

The best way to display a Large Ostrich egg Pysanka is on a solid and sturdy stand. Explore different designs and sizes suitable for small chicken eggs to a large Emu or Ostrich eggshell. Always away from the direct sunlight, to preserve dyes. It is common to use a Tacky Wax to secure the egg in place on the sand.

Pysanky Collections

Chicken eggs are the most popular size for Ukrainian Easter Eggs Pysanky. My favorite egg size to work on is a large Goose and Ostrich egg. They have a stronger shell, they fit well in my hand. However, sometimes I feel they are more stubborn to absorb egg dyes. Therefore, I use vinegar to soften up eggshells before the dyeing process.  In my opinion, Goose eggshells are simply much stronger to work with. Once you have made your Pysanka selections, please allow a few days for them to be ready. The Ostrich Pysanky is shipped to you in a very secure box. Very Popular is a Christmas Nativity egg and they are always in stock. 

Ostrich pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs traditional designs pattern batik art eggs for sale
Ostrich pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs patterns design

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