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Trypillian design patterns

The Trypillian Pysanky collection from 2016, my archives. As a Pysanky artist I can’t make just one egg, it’s simply not possible for me. Pysanky looks great in the Pysanky Collections by pattern design, color, or by the region of Ukraine. I have showcased my Art Eggs in many magazines and TV shows in the past. As my Pysanky grew in popularity I wanted to show my Pysanky Collections beyond Toronto Canada. In 2010 I set up Ukrainian Easter Eggs online Gallery where you can buy or custom order eggs to add to your collection.

Trypillian Pysanky collections
Trypillian Pysanky collections

Discover Cultural Legacy Ukrainian Art of Pysanky Eggs

Large Ostrich Pysanky, Goose and Chicken Pysanky

Over the years I shipped my Pysanky all over the globe. People who appreciate them are art enthusiasts, collectors, and individuals looking for unique gifts. My dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail have earned me a loyal clientele who value the artistry and cultural significance of Pysanky.

 When I design new patterns, I work with black beeswax on a white eggshell. Just like this large Ostrich egg, once I finished the waxing pattern I decided to use only one Pysanky dye black. Nevertheless, this egg can look even better with colors, and perhaps I will make it the same pattern but in full colors. That’s what makes Pysanky’s art more interesting. I combine traditional well-known ribbons and symbols as well and I try to have new collections for Christmas gifting or Easter decorating.

In the past, I have made Pysanky on eggs from peacocks and other birds that people have as pets. From tiny Cockatiel eggs to Peacock, Emu, Rhea and Ostrich

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