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Ukrainian Easter Eggs on Chicken and Goose eggshells, handmade gifts and mementos

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Goose Eggs Pysanky handmade Ukrainian Easter eggs for sale

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Ukrainian Easter Eggs Pysanky

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Shop Ukrainian Easter Eggs Pysanky Collections by eggshell size, from smaller Chicken eggs to Ostrich egg Pysanky. Every year I come up with design patterns for Pysanky. This year I love the blue and yellow color combination Pysanky with sunflowers. Visit the Goose Pysanky collection to see new Pysanky eggs with sunflowers. In the Ostrich Collection, I have Christmas Nativity all-time favorites and the new black and white Pysanka.  

Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs for sale, traditional Ukrainian handmade pysanka in different sizes, adorable batik art eggs
Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs for sale

Custom Pysanky

Personalized Pysanky eggs make very unique and thoughtful gifts for Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day. I made baby first Nativity Christmas ornaments, and wedding anniversary eggs with the couple’s name and wedding date. Also popular engagement Pysanky with Doves or Lovebirds 

Pysanky Restoration

Pysanky can last for decades, however, sometimes Pysanky gets damaged. I can make you a new one, simply send me a photo of what is left of the egg, and I can pick up the pattern.

Pysanky Stands/ Displays

Do not display Pysanky in the direct sunlight. Make sure Cats and small Kids are not able to reach them. If you choose an egg holder use a little beeswax or tacky wax to secure the egg in place.

Preserving the Art of Pysanky with passion

People say I am a talented and skilled artist who has mastered the Art of Pysanky, a traditional Ukrainian Easter egg decorating technique with hot beeswax and dyes. However, I like to be humble and focused on my Art, and let my work speak for itself. My Pysanky has been widely featured in the media, including in “Home & Gardens,” “Woman’s Day” magazine, the “Martha Stewart Blog,” and on various TV channels like CTV, CBC, and Hi-Fi TV. She runs an online gallery, Ukrainian Easter Eggs, where she showcases her Pysanky art.

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

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Celebrate the rich cultural and heritage of Ukraine

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