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Trypillian Pysanka Ostrich Egg Neolithic Culture Pottery Design


Ostrich egg Trypillian pysanky design. Please allow me a few days to a week get your order ready. I have a few Ostrich eggshells on hand ready pre-waxed, so you can still customize your pysanka

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The Trypillian Pysanka Ostrich Egg looks like a Neolithic Culture Pottery Design.  This egg is a Ukrainian Cucuteni Trypillian design. This particular egg has a story. This Trypillian Pysanka Ostrich egg  was a custom design for the family with the last mane indicial.  The stylized birds are their family name in Ukrainian. This Pysanka is listed to show the other way the Pysanka pattern can look. Trypillian eggs look very stylish in the large grouping of 10-12. I use rich Earthy tones of terracotta, deep reds and browns, contracted with black. This design is very ancient and the colors to decorate were found in nature. Long before all the synthetic aniline dyes for pysanky I use nowadays. Let me customize the Ostrich egg for you in the Trypillian pattern design.

At this time I have about twenty Ostrich eggs listed on my website. Take a moment to explore and discover something you might consider to buy. I welcome customized orders as well. They inspire me for creativity and I need to come up with something I have not done or thought of. For example, I made pysanky as a gift for couples engagements, wedding anniversaries, you name it.

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