Supplies Pysanky Chicken Eggshells Beeswax Outlined Pre-waxed


Pysanky Supplies chicken eggshells emptied washed and dryad. Outlined in several fun traditional and whimsical patterns to get you started with Pysanky writing

Supplies Pysanky white Chicken Eggshells blown and washed well, Beeswax Outlined for you to get going with Pysanky writing. Pre-waxed Pysanky supplies outlined eggs with hot beeswax in thin lines.  I also make goose eggs with beeswax lines and brown chicken eggs. Explore and discover more in my shop, supplies, egg display stands, and inspirational pysanky for sale.

Home Page for my Ukrainian Easter Eggs shop in here: https://ukrainianeastereggs.store/




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