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Pysanky Supplies Eggshells Pre-waxed Beeswax Outlined Goose


Pysanky supplies large goose egg shells pre-made with hot beeswax outlined. ready to detail and dye them.

Pysanky Supplies Eggshells, Goose eggs pre-waxed with beeswax. One-of-a-kind Pysanky Supplies eggshells. Outlined in very thin lines to guide you. Goose egg with a single hole on the bottom, the opening is already closed with beeswax. Enjoy unique Goose eggshell supplies. Select from a few different designs of unique patterns outlined to help a beginner, beeswax-outlined premade pysanka. Large egg ready for batik egg art craft traditional Ukrainian Easter egg writing craft. Test your creativity, follow patterns and fill up with color or add more details. Successful complexation of the egg is pretty much galantine.
Dip in one pysanky dye or use an array of colors, test your creativity and keep developing pysanky writing skills. Start with simple patterns nets, twigs, dots, and stars. If you choose to work with one Kistka tool I recommend thin or medium for these eggshells. Ideally get all 3 sizes, this to outline, medium to define the design and thick to fill up areas in solid. I have a small pysanky kit with 3 dyes and one tool, one chicken egg pre-waxed. Thank you for visiting, hopefully, something catches your eye. Have a question, please email me.

Goose Pysanky: https://ukrainianeastereggs.store/product-category/ukrainian-easter-eggs-for-sale/goose-eggs-pysanky/

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