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Pysanky Stands Goose Easter Egg Displays Modern Design Look


Goose Pysanka displays polished brass, stands for pysanky eggs, rocks and geode gemstones, beautiful polished brass. Notice it’s reversible and very sturdy. Size: Height: 1.25 inches, Width: 2.25 inches, Depth: 2.25 inches.

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Contemporary Pysanky Stands suitable for the Goose Easter Eggs. Slick Pysanky Stands with modern designs look reversible and made from solid brass. The Polished finish gives them a versatile look and they go well in classic or modern home decor. They are reversible and as photos show they can be positioned in both ways. It all depends on what you are showcasing. Personally, these are my favorite Goose Pysankas. They feel sturdy and hold the egg well.  This Stand is perfect for showcasing rocks and geode gemstones collection. Not sure if this is a perfect display for your treasure, please take a look and see other options.

Pysanky in this listing caught your eye? I have about 70 goose egg pysanky designs and if not sold they are probably in stock. Please check out the links below. Thank you for visiting my website. In the past, I have been on popular handmade platforms. This year I decided to devote a little bit more time to my website. Please feel free to ask me for a custom design. I am here to help.

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1 review for Pysanky Stands Goose Easter Egg Displays Modern Design Look

  1. Thomas W Jendrock (verified owner)

    In particular, all of my purchases have been one item: the polished solid brass 3-prong holder. This is by far the best holder I have found anywhere in several years of searching.

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