Pysanky Egg Supplies Brown Chicken Eggshells Pre-waxed Eggs


Pysanky Supplies brown eggshells outlined with beeswax. Blown brown chicken eggs supplies for etching pysanky eggs. Best results for egg etching  Vinegar 3-5-10% works but 10% will save you time and lift brown faster. Start with a few eggshells or you can get entire set, look more in supplies section I have brown chicken eggs Pysanky Kits, with dyes and tool.

Pysanky Egg Supplies clean hollow brown Chicken Eggshells already Pre-waxed Eggs for your fun Easter crafting projects.  Pysanky egg supplies brown chicken eggs pre-waxed in medium lines, excellent pattern for the beginner pysanky writer. Easter gift idea for Family activities or new hobby testing. Explore and discover Ukrainian Easter egg pysanky craft. Visit the Pysanky supplies section to build your own Pysanky kit, or pick up one I designed for you.

Best the best results for brown egg etching, use Vinegar 3-5-10% of what you have in the kitchen. My favorite is 10% will save you time and lift brown faster. Because vinegar is stronger your results will be faster and if you choose to use pysanky dyes, color will be better. I will attach a photo of my pysanka as an example of how it looks with just one color dye. Now that I am working on this listing I am inspired to bring back some of the brown chicken eggs to my pysanky collection, they are a lot of fun and always sell out so fast.  If you choose to leave egg etched and white it’s also a very appealing design and no need for pysanky dye mess.

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