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Peacock Easter Egg Goose Pysanka Decorative Egg Ornament


Easter egg in Peacock pattern on a real Goose eggshell. Ukrainian pysanky hand-painted egg ornament lovely gift idea. Decorative Peacock egg wedding gift keepsake ornaments for couples. This egg is in stock and has a glue-on loop and green ribbon, ready to hang it

Peacock Easter Egg handmade keepsake and beautiful moments for Peacock lovers. This is a real Goose egg Easter Pysanka decorative egg ornament is ready to hang and has a green ribbon and glue-on top loop. Ukrainian decorative Peacock egg wedding gift ideas, keepsake ornaments for couples with Peacock wedding color schemes. Egg Ornaments holders section here: https://ukrainianeastereggs.store/product-category/ukrainian-easter-eggs-for-sale/pysanky-eggs-displays-stands/


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