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Ostrich Pysanka Ukrainian Easter Egg Ornament hand painted


Natural Ostrich eggshell hand painted Ukrainian Batik Art egg. Large Ostrich egg Pysanka in purple, hand painted on real ostrich eggshell. Please contact me for details. shipping page: https://ukrainianeastereggs.store/shipping-returns-refunds/

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Amethyst Ostrich Pysanka Ukrainian Easter Egg handwritten in purple and lilac hues. Perfect handcrafted gift for Mom on Mother’s Day or for February Birthdays gift ideas for Wife. Ostrich Pysanka pattern is designed in Amethyst Birthstone colors scheme. This beautiful Ostrich Pysanka is a traditional Ukrainian Easter Egg ornament. I made this egg twice in the past and feedback was really amazing and inspiring. That gives me motivation to create more.  A few words about the Pysanky making process itself. To create a pattern I use an electric beeswax pen. Traditional Ukrainian name is Kistka comes in different sizes, to outline, to fill and to detail. I work on Pysanky all year around and candle heat is not safe and not feasible in my studio.

Ostrich Eggs Pysanky Section in here, take a look around and explore my collection. I have in stock ready to ship: https://ukrainianeastereggs.store/product-category/ukrainian-easter-eggs-for-sale/ostrich-eggs-pysanky/ Shipping to the USA and Canada. If you have a question please contact me.  I have a few stands for sale in my shop. Explore and secret the one you like. I try to take photos of the eggshell on the stand to give an impression of the size. Select one in here: https://ukrainianeastereggs.store/product-category/ukrainian-easter-eggs-for-sale/pysanky-eggs-displays-stands/


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