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Ostrich Egg Stands Pysanky Eggs Displays Tree Birds Egg Holder


Ostrich egg stands tree Birds in silver or gold finish. This Stand is perfect for Ostrich egg size pysanka or large heavy crystal spheres.
Width: 4 inches
Height: 2.75 inches
Depth: 3 inches

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The Ostrich Egg Stands are unique and elegant, they are shaped like three birds. The birds look like Peacock Hens. One of the best sellers and most popular for its design and quality. This stand is perfect for the Ostrich Egg Stands or Emu Pysanky. This Display Stand is large and sturdy and comes in silver or gold. Needless to say this stand is perfect for large eggshells like the Emu, Rhea and the Ostrich. The perfect stand for the large Glass Crystals and Decorative Spheres. If this stand is a little bit too heavy or not exactly what you are looking for? There are more stands, the link is below. Browse and explore the entire collection of my Display stands and handmade pysanky eggs that go well together.

This Three Birds egg holder is one of my favorites. I am a Pysanky Artist and I always look for a way to showcase and photograph my Art Eggs. Display Stands are a very important part of my collection. The the additional photos show my Pysanky eggs and how they look on the stands.

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