FINE tip Kistka batik tool, Pysanky egg decorating tool


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Kistka Pysanky egg decorating tool, Ukrainian art, Pysanky art, Medium flow kistka tool – perfect for the beginners. Please select your kistka size at the Check out options, and see more supplies in my homepage. Thank you for visiting my egg art shop. Like to see my paintings, shop here:

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FINE Kistka batik tool Pysanky egg decorating tool. This size is good for fine detailing like nets or writing, I start with fine size usually and go to Medion for filling up pattern with beeswax. Fine tip stylus comes with a cleaning wire, and it’s used to outline egg for super fine batik work. I sell 3 most common sizes, Fine, medium and heavy flow. Thank you for visiting my Pysanky shop. Like to see my paintings, shop here:

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