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Christmas Nativity Pysanka Goose Egg Handwritten Ukrainian Egg


Christmas nativity goose egg pysanky in several colors, black, blue, red, pink. This Pysanka is always in stock. I have a few eggs pre-waxed and ready for pysanky dyes. If you need to add personalization, please leave a note, name and date no extra cost egg can be customized

Christmas Nativity Pysanka Goose Egg made in a traditional Ukrainian batik style with beeswax pen. Handwritten Ukrainian Egg Goose Pysanka  with a beautiful detail of Christmas Nativity.  Each egg I make myself. If you like to customize it just add a note and I can put name and date on the egg. Egg display stands, collection of Pysanky Egg holders section in here: https://ukrainianeastereggs.store/product-category/ukrainian-easter-eggs-for-sale/pysanky-eggs-displays-stands/

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