Ukrainian Pysanky for sale

Ukrainian Pysanky for sale online handcrafted Chicken, Goose and Ostrich egg Pysanky. Order your custom Pysanky eggs for Easter or Christmas gifts. Decorative Eggs traditional Ukrainian Easter egg Pysanky handcrafted and for sale, you can buy them in my shop online. I am a pysanky artist and have been selling my Decorative Eggs on other e-commerce platforms, perhaps that is why some of my eggs look familiar. I work with the batik style technique, an old traditional way to decorate eggshells, I use hot beeswax and aniline batik dyes. I work on chicken, goose and ostrich eggshells. Besides offering a large collection of decorative pysanky I also have display stands and some pysanky supplies. Take a moment to explore my shop and see if my Batik art eggs inspire you.

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