Ukrainian Egg

Ukrainian egg Easter gifts unique Pysanky eggs hand painted shipping all over the world order yours in time for the Easter. Ukrainian Eggs are made by hand with hot beeswax and dyed in aniline dyes. Pysanky eggs Ukrainian Easter home decor and Gift Ideas. People collect them all year round. The Usual size is a chicken eggshell and it’s a real chicken eggshell blown out. It’s hard to believe but they are stronger than one would think. Ukrainian egg decorating goes way back to pre-Christianity, well-known Trypillian designs from the Neolithic pottery period are a part of that. Look up Trypillian Eggs to see more of that pattern in Earthy tones. For Easter Pysanky Eggs go into the basket and are used in table centerpieces. Some like to turn Easter eggs into hanging ornaments. Or display them on display stands.

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