Ukrainian Easter Egg

Traditional Ukrainian Easter egg Pysanky for sale, large collection of decorative handcrafted egg ornaments Easter Pysanky eggs. Chicken eggs are the most popular size for Ukrainian Easter Eggs Pysanky. My favorite egg size to work on is a large Goose and Ostrich egg. They have a stronger shell, they fit well in my hand. However, sometimes I feel they are more stubborn to absorb egg dyes. Therefore, I use vinegar to soften up eggshells before the dyeing process.  In my opinion, Goose eggshells are simply much stronger to work with. Once you have made your Pysanka selections, please allow a few days for them to be ready. And two to three weeks for the Ostrich Pysanky to be shipped to you in a very secure box. Very Popular is a Christmas Nativity egg and they are always in stock

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