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Pysanky kits best pysanky gifts for beginners or family activities. I have a few custom-tailored kits with tools like Kistka (batik pen), Pysanky dyes, beeswax and eggshells that are pre-waxed. I have goose eggshells, pysanky kits and brown chicken pysanky kits that you can etch eggs in vinegar. I am a pysanky artist and I know before you invest in a new hobby give it a try. Buy one or two eggshells and a tool, and see if this hobby is for you. I do not recommend kids under 10, some say under 8 but I have that age at home and I know mess can happen.

Handle the open flame of a candle with care, so is a pysanky dye. Always follow mixing instructions and do it away from the kitchen or food, this is air bond powders and you do not want to inhale it. I always have a designated room for my pysanky craft. Now with a few words of my experience shared, I wish you happy shopping and if you have any questions I am here to answer. Do not forget to take a look inside of my pysanky folders for inspiration. When you choose your pysanky kit I will put together a fun and colorful presentation for you to enjoy.

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