Pysanky Eggs Kits

Pysanky Eggs Kits are custom-tailored for the beginners and for more advanced. Explore a variety of Pysanky Eggs Kits from small to large family sizes. Kits include the most essential tools Kistka, it’s a hot beeswax stylus, batik pen, you fill with beeswax. Kistka pens come in three sizes as follows, thin to outline, medium to design, and full flow to fill up larger areas of the eggshells. Select for mini Pysanky kit with just one Kistka, tree dyes and a few pre-waxed chicken eggshells. Or create your order kit by adding what you need for your craft to the shopping cart. I love working on the Goose eggshells and I have pre-waxed a few to get the pattern started. Add a few of the large goose eggs to your Kit and have fun crafting Pysanky.

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