Peacock Ornament

Peacock Ornament. real pysanka egg made into Peacock Ornament pysanky with Peacock pattern design. Ostrich egg Pysanka Peacock designed a Wedding egg. I have eggs in this pattern on Chicken, Goose and Ostrich eggshells. Ostrich Egg Pysanky Peacock designs beautiful gifts for the couple’s Wedding or Mom Birthday.  This Ostrich Peacock Pysanky egg was a custom order for a very special customer. I designed Peacock patterns for Chicken and Goose egg ornaments, listed in my gallery. I even worked on actual Peacock eggs as well, they are about turkey or duck eggshell size. Pysanka batik egg art hand painted with Peacock pattern popular for Weddings, couples often choose Peacock wedding theme decor.

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