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Welcome to my Simple Pysanky Designs category. Pysanky are made on real Chicken eggshells, handwritten with hot beeswax Kistka tools. Each egg I make myself, starting with carefully selecting the best shell to work on. Pysanka has been very popular and I have people from all over the world asking me to make custom designs. I try to take good photos of my work. Please remember eggshell is natural and takes pysanky dyes not always 100% like in the photo, but very close. See if you can find your favorite. Try to search my collection by color or theme, like Nativity, Wedding eggs, Love birds, Sunflowers, and Christmas gifts.

Let me customize Pysanka for your Baby reveal party or personalized eggs for Children’s Easter gifts. To customize simply add me a note in the order. In the past I saw the popularity in Black and White eggs, they are elegant simple designs. Other popular choices are Blue and Red Pysanka for Christmas. One of my favorites is 48 Triangles patterns. If you like to give it a try and make one yourself, visit my supplies section. I made a few pre-waxed eggshell supplies for sale. If you are looking for ideas to decorate pysanky with kids, these are easy and simple for beginners.  Over 120 pysanky in fancy patterns:

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