Pysanky Ukrainian Gifts

Welcome to my Pysanky Ukrainian Gifts category, here you can select and customize your Pysanky for any occasion. Unique hand painted Batik Art Eggs. They make perfect gifts for Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays and  Mother’s Day. In the past people ordered Pysanky Ukrainian Gifts for Teachers and I got great feedback on how unique and special they are. I make pysanky as a gift myself. Another opportunity to make people talk about Ukraine and bring more awareness to tragic events. My Pysanky can be found all over the world, and I am happy to make more of them. let me customize Ukrainian Pysanka as a gift for Mom or Mother in-law. Perhaps you are wondering what to get for Couples Anniversary. Visit my Goose egg section to see special personalized couple gifts with Love Birds hearts and Doves. Thank you for supporting my culture, I am a Ukrainian Canadian Artist.

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