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Welcome to Pysanky Eggs for Sale page. Discover a wide range of handcrafted batik Art Eggs. Previously I have been on popular Handmade platforms where I had my Pysanky eggs for sale. This year I have decided to leap into my e-commerce and set up a website. I am a Pysanky Artist and I decorate eggshells. Here you can order a custom Easter Egg or special gift for Mother’s Day or Birthdays. I try to keep a good stock available for sale all year round. Discover a large collection of Ostrich, Goose eggs and Pysanky Chicken eggs in a variety of colors and patterns.  Take a good look into each section, and see if you can find your favorite egg.

My website is organized easy and simple. Click and search my collection by color or theme, like Christmas Nativity, Wedding Eggs, Love birds, Sunflowers, or by color. I try to take good photos of my work. Please remember eggshell is natural and takes pysanky dyes not always 100% like in the photo, but very close. Each egg needs a nice display stand, I have just that in my Display Stands collection. Make a special Pysanka for Mom this Mother’s Day. select traditional Ukrainian Easter egg designs or find something in pastel colors more contemporary.

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