Pysanky eggs

Pysanky Eggs hand-painted real eggshells in beautiful patterns. Handcrafted in wax-resistant traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs technique. Explore collections of Ostrich Egg Pysanky, Goose Eggs and Chicken Pysanky for sale, I keep a good stock ready to ship.  I use natural eggshells, beeswax in several colors and an electric batik tools beeswax stylus Kistka. I have most of the supplies I use listed in my Supplies and Tools section. Take a look to see if this craft interests you. Pysanky Eggs has been very popular. Pysanky Collectors from all over the world asking me to make custom designs. I try to take good photos of my work. Please remember eggshell is natural and takes pysanky dyes not always 100% like in the photo, but very close.

Shopping for that special gift? Try to search by color or theme, like Christmas Nativity, Wedding Eggs, and Love Birds, or email me with custom requests. Ostrich Pysanky Egg has been very popular. I have people asking me to make custom Ostrich Egg designs for Wedding Gifts. I have noticed the most popular are Christmas Nativities in Black and White. They are luxury gifts and stunning home decor. Goose Pysanky is also a bestseller for Wedding Anniversaries and Engagements, with couples’ names and dates. Every Pysanka need a nice Display Stand, I have a collection for that.

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