Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Welcome to Ukrainian Easter Eggs collection online. I am Ukrainian Canadian Artist and I make Pysanky eggs. Explore my shop and see Art Eggs for sale collections. Please take a look and explore. I made a collection of Ostrich, Goose eggs and Pysanky Chicken eggs. I try to keep a very good stock available for sale all year around. Ukrainian Easter eggs Pysanky has been very popular.
Each Pysanky egg I make myself, starting with carefully selecting the best Ostrich eggshell to work on. Traditional Ukrainian Pysanky are made on real Ostrich eggshells handwritten with hot beeswax Kistka tools. Ostrich Pysanky Egg has been very popular. I have people asking me to make custom Ostrich egg designs for Wedding Gifts. In the past I have noticed the most popular are Christmas Nativities in Black and White.

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