Ostrich Eggs Pysanky

Ostrich Eggs Pysanky collection. Each Pysanky egg I make myself. Starting with carefully selecting the best Ostrich eggshell. Ukrainian Pysanky are made on real eggshells and handwritten with hot beeswax. Similar to batik artwork, each color is preserved under the wax. Ostrich Pysanky Egg has been very popular. People ask me to make custom designs for Wedding Gifts, Christmas gifts, Mother’s Day and Birthdays. Currently, I have a few Christ Resurrection, Christmas Nativity Sable Scene pysanky in stock. Also in stock are a few fun colorful Easter-colored Pysanky. I design Pysanky all year round, not just for Easter, please bookmark my shop for the future.

Click on any Image and see more photos. I try to do my best to showcase eggs from all sides. To make personalized Ostrich Eggs Pysanky takes precession and patience, please allow a little bit of time depending on complicity or the design pattern. If you don’t see Ostrich Pysanky that catches your eye, contact me and I might have other patterns from my previous collections. Or design something new. Ostrich egg Display Stands are showcased in my gallery in a separate section, please take a look around.


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