Goose Eggs Pysanky

Welcome to my Goose Eggs Pysanky collection. About half of Goose Eggs Pysanky are in stock and ready to ship. If you like one made to order or have it customized, please allow a week or so. I will keep you posted on shipping timelines. I love this Goose egg size. It’s easy to hold an egg in hand. Goose eggs are a bit stronger and will need a vinegar wash before starting the waxing process. Most popular designs are in traditional colors with orange, red, black, and single-color Christmas Nativities being a huge hit. If you like to try to make a Goose egg Pysanka yourself, visit my Supplies and Tools section. I have pre-waxed goose eggshells for sale in my supplies section. Please bookmark my website for the future. I am a Pysanky artist and I work on my Art Eggs all year round.

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