Handcrafted Pysanky Eggs

Ukrainian handcrafted Pysanky Easter Eggs, who does not like them? Most Importantly handcrafted Pysanky are real eggs, and they can break. Therefore they must be handled with care. They are valuable because Pysanky is truly handmade, each step from candling the egg to see if the eggshell is strong, to blowing out the egg. Pysanky are truly national treasures and I do not know any Ukrainian folk who do not know how to make a Pysanka egg. As kids, we all made some type of pysanka, drapanka, krashanka, even simple ones we used to make. Some are edible like boiled eggs in natural dyes. Some are keepsake artifacts and they last for years.

My favorite folder is Ostrich Pysanky of course. It’s a lot of work but the results are grand! I have been making my pysanky and showcasing them for years, my designs might even look familiar. A few words about the photo attached, this collection is Peacock hen eggs from California. The bird’s owner requested eggs to be in this color theme and as for the design I had a carte – blanche, besides that the only request was to keep the color scheme close to Hens feather colors. This is what I came up with.

Handcrafted Pysanky Easter Eggs Ukrainian Batik Art Eggs
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